Just as our drill bits come off our assembly line perfect every time, we expect that the service our customers get in Africa by our partners matches the service levels everywhere else in the world.

At Hilti, we select one approved partner per market for Africa. The reason for this is we expect them to invest time and energy, into providing the difference in service levels to passionately create enthusiastic customers in African and to build a better future.

We have a strict selection process, and some of the requirements are indicated below:

• They have experience serving the construction professional in their market
• They live the same corporate culture with similar values as Hilti such as Integrity, Teamwork, Courage and Commitment
• They strive to be a premium service provider
• They are ready to partner with Hilti and make the required commitments in the investments that are required for future growth

We only partner with those businesses that we believe can best represent the Hilti brand in the market they service.


Hilti allocates a business developer to each partner to support them on their day to day business challenges as well as to support them on the customer journey.

Here are just some of the ways that we support our partners in Africa so that our customers in Africa can have peace of mind;

• We provide on-going training for our partners be it at our regional training competency centers or at our global headquarters.

• We give them access to the latest product innovations in a timely manner to get this new technology to the African markets as soon as possible.

• We send our engineers to these markets to learn about the specific working conditions on-site in Africa so that they can then feed this information back to our research & development department for future product innovations.

• We make sure we optimize the procurement and logistics processes for our partners doing business with us so that they can provide the customers in the market with quick turnaround times.