Flush anchor

Features & applications


  • No damage to the thread when tapping in and expanding
  • Intelligent stepped expansion piece adapts to suit materials of different hardness
  • Visual check for correct setting


  • Medium-duty anchor for use with anchor bolts and threaded rods, e.g. suspension systems for pipes, air ducts and sprinkler systems etc.
  • Fastening diamond core drilling rigs / base plates (M16 only €“ DD120 and up)

Product information & prices

Item Number Name # of items in Package Package Price
2127982 Flush anchor HKV M10 x 40mm length 50 45,000 TZS
2127983 Flush anchor HKV M12 x 50mm length 25 45,000 TZS
2127980 Flush anchor HKV M8 x 30mm length 100 60,000 TZS

Technical data

  • Head configuration Inner thread
  • Environmental conditions Indoor, dry conditions
  • Type of fastening Pre-fastening